Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Could the Power Rangers work in the Marvel universe ?

So to continue what is likely to end up as one of my frequent blog topics (for now), Power Rangers. This time however I want to look at the idea how to logically approach a fan fiction crossover. The crossover I have in mind would how would the Marvel universe logically go across creating it's set of Power Rangers ?

Recruitment: So using my comic book knowledge I guess the most sensible way a group of new superheroes would get started in the Marvel universe might have begun the Initiative. For those who don't regularly read comics the Initiative served as a recruitment program for new superheroes for the state. So it'd make sense the five heroes journey and training would begin there.

Martial arts training: Maybe movie success is in the pipeline for them but there are many martial arts heroes scattered around the Marvel universe. So to master those un-realistic jump kicks who better to go to then Iron Fist, Daredevil and comic book Bruce Lee Shang-chi.

Costumes: That spandex best be made out of something sturdy to withstand all the explosions it'll come into contact with. So why not get the Fantastic four's Reed Richards to whip a couple of costumes made out of unstable molecules ? Never wearing and almost indestructible.

The mecha: No Power Ranger is complete without some over designed super robots. So whose best to go to when you need armoured weaponry ? Why Tony Stark of course !

Weaponry: You're bog standard Punisher weapon would not mesh in right with rainbow colour palette you need something flashy and something that demands close up fight sequences. So why not see Thor would kind of enough to loan some weapons from the Asgard armoury. I'm sure their would be a few personality suitable but censorship unfriendly weapons lying around.

The lovable and guiding commander: Ever team of rangers needs a Zordon, the wise leader who bestows guidance on the colour co-ordinated protagonists. Well I'm sure Nick Fury wouldn't mind bestowing some guidance ?

Villains: Well I'm sure their would be a spares lying around....

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