Monday, 27 August 2012

Are we supposed to dislike Anakin Skywalker ?

A not so long time ago, on a not to distant screen a young adult pondered thoughts concerning a character which many grew more distant away from it's fans. Anakin Skywalker.

So to boil it down my lightsaber it's concluded by many that Anakin Skywalker pales into comparison to his bigger badder adult self, Darth Vader. But has anyone else thought that maybe this was the point ?

Darth Vader by all means is evil. Though he's iconic and sums many peoples childhoods. He's perfectly mastered his craft of villainy from the appearance to the chilling methods his uses.

So to essentially take more positive view to a source of negative feelings for the Star Wars franchise, were we supposed to simply hate Anakin from the start ?

Look as the characters grows up on screen. His appearance in Episode 1 smacks of Wesley Crusher, the know it all kid whose just simply to perfect to like. The ace pilot with a sense optimism and knowledge which puts many Jedi's to shame.

Of course this is the complete opposite to how he comes across in Episode 2. The villainous Sith has entered his teenage years and he's sure vocal about it. He's over emotional and that leads to choices which are foolish and aren't built on any justifiable reasoning making it hard for the audience to relate to him, in a sense this perfect make up of a villain, think how it is to relate to a Darlek or the Red Skull ?

In Episode three he's shockingly more level headed. In the space between films he seems to have been taking lessons from Captain Kirk as he becomes the level headed space hero. Though this doesn't last as he again moves closer to the dark side.

So that's kind of the transition, but maybe the point of Anakins transition was to make him more relatable and show off the fact that he too had a clunky growing up phase like the teenage tantrums and bad hair styles.

Though at the end of the day maybe we all hoped this bright young child would grow up to be a great hero and not tarnish someone's love of great villain.

To conclude we all knew what was coming we can't root for a bad guy and we all knew it was coming as these are prequels. So to make things better look at how their trying to make you dislike Anakin so the change doesn't come as much as a shock and cushion you when he puts on the black mask.

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