Monday, 8 August 2011

Disjointed start ?

Hi viewers.

Since a special university lecture in which a guest speaker encouraged us to create a blog with a specific subject. So after lots of thought I guess I'm going for Geek journalist issues . Each blog I suppose could contain one or more subjects.

So let's begin.

How social media is expanding people power in good and bad ways:

So right now I'm watching BBC news covering the third night of rioting in which people roughly around my age are taking out their anger on their communities. So overall were seeing children playing 'grown up'. I'm not sure what has sparked this but it's just wrong. Taking your temper out on something in such an attention seeking manner is wrong.

So it's clear this is the first example of social media creating negative social movements. Unlike Egypt in which social media was the lynch pin of brining down a corrupt regime. Here were seeing BBM and other social media being used to organise anarchy.

Though to every bad were seeing an emerging good. The Guardian have begun their own BBM account to recieve details of the riots and it's hinted from acting commissioner Tin Godwin that social media may help identify those involved.

Either way I'm glad I haven't grown up so quick I think I'm mature enough to wage havoc on those who don't deserve it.

What bothers is how long before the Police being to police social media ? Is this catalyst in which social media is more heavily monitored by the authorities, this is clear ammunition for this argument, if social media is used in such a dark manner how long before a moral panic is created causing the end to the free speech digital age ?

Enough rhetorical questions. This fallout from this could be dangerous.

Update: A good example of how social is being used for this issue-

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