Monday, 16 July 2012

The nostalgia boom trilogy: Mighty morphin' movie

With Power Rangers entering the nostalgia vintage I look at the points which could persuade a movie exec that a Power Ranger feature film is very good idea. This of course ignores all the legal complications which will very likely ensue

Imagine of the cacthphrases came back ?
1. Giants robots- As shown in the Transformers franchise giant robots are appealing. In the west the idea of giant over designed robots is hugely appealing as the concept is still hugely fresh on the blockbuster scene.

2. Superheroes- The world of blockbusters is currently dominated by the superhero genre. The reason this genre has thrived is simply put down the variation of invocative take on the conventional structure of superheroes, like with the 'real life' Kick ass, the far from perfect Iron man and the hybrid genre master Captain America. Since Power Rangers is re-edited and re-purposed Japanese TV show I'm sure the Japanese take on a super hero would help it stand apart.

3. Toy tie ins- The key selling point of a summer blockbuster is money in it's crudest terms. So the more tie in products which can be churned puts the film ever closer to that green light of approval. As shown with Transformers the essential format is their make it so easier for movie execs to swallow it down and with the Power Rangers franchise already successfully honing in on this it makes the rest child's play.

4. Martial arts- As displayed recently in The Raid and through the recent Batman films intense fight scenes displaying exotic martial arts really hits a key note with audiences. One of the things that makes the TV show stand out is the intense fight scenes displaying a wide variety of martial arts from judo and Brazilian jujitsu.

5. Fan base- In tough times even the film industry needs to counts the pennies. Adaptations could be the scene as the safe bet to studios as if said adaptation has shown to be highly popular then they could at least expect to break even on their investment. So with a franchise like the Power Rangers with fan base spanning several generations this makes the likelihood even more of a morphinominal idea to a studio exec. 

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